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Sep 05 2007

What the hell is that sound?

3:25 AM: *bang* whooooooooooooooo Jessica and me, in bed: What in the FUCK? We sat up in bed, waiting a couple minutes while the wailing voice of a woman continues. Then two more loud *bang* noises. They sounded like they somebody was actually hitting the wall of our bedroom. Now we're pretty freaked out. I …

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Jul 07 2006

Something's different

For the past few weeks this little kitty has been yowling at all hours in our back yard. It was a pathetic little male cat, balls intact. I don't know if it had an owner, but if so it didn't spend much time with him. He was always around our house. Front yard, back yard. …

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Nov 21 2005


The house we moved into had an old, defunct jacuzzi made of fiberglass set in the ground. It had been plumbed at some point, and gas plumbing elsewhere in the yard indicates that there was even a compressor, so presumably it had been used. There was still some water at the bottom of it, even, …

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Oct 10 2005

JFC, I think that's an owl

There's something in my tree that's screeching REALLY fucking loud, as loud as a car peeling out. I've heard it 5 times, a few while I was outside, and it's definitely coming from that tree. What the hell else could it be? It has to be an owl, right? (Stupid tree! Lose your leaves so …

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Feb 19 2005

Soda Fountain Diary #5: Frustration

Despite running the carbonator per the guidelines: -fill tank until water comes out of relief valve -close relief and bring CO2 pressure to 100 PSI -plug in unit and dispense several times the product is still pretty flat. It's only marginally better than the last attempt. The only hypothesis we have is that the temperature …

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