Feb 19 2005

Soda Fountain Diary #5: Frustration

Despite running the carbonator per the guidelines:

-fill tank until water comes out of relief valve
-close relief and bring CO2 pressure to 100 PSI
-plug in unit and dispense several times

the product is still pretty flat. It's only marginally better than the last attempt.

The only hypothesis we have is that the temperature is too high, so we'll try running through the cold plate before dispensing. But I'm not terribly hopeful myself.

Also, as an aside, WunderBar is a wonderful company. Jessica wrote to them and they mailed me a copy of the manual for my soda gun free of charge. Not a terribly easy to use manual, but still cool.

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  1. The soda guy

    im a beverage technician out of springfield, mass

    For best results unplug the carbonator and draw off the soda water until u get just air then plug the carbonator back in. when the carbonator shuts off, continue drawing off the soda water until it comes out as a bubbly liquid.

    as long as the soda water is dispensed below 38 degrees it should not be flat anymore

    for more information feel free to contact me at dwaynetruex@yahoo.com

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