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Feb 28 2007

The most perfect cookie

You may think that your favorite Girl Scout Cookie is the Thin Mint, but I am here to tell you that you only think this because you have never tried the Lemonades--they're shortbread cookies dipped in lemon, and they are the most delicious cookie I've ever had. I could easily have eaten the whole box …

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Oct 23 2005

Restaurants are getting annoying

We eat out a lot. In fact, I've always eaten out a lot. Ever since my mom went back to work when I was little, our family went to restaurants. To me, it seems worth it to pay for good food with no dishes to do, and that takes under an hour for the whole …

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Mar 06 2005

Adventures in (Disney) cookery

So this weekend, in an effort to be less dependent upon Carl's Jr. (because, dammit, we would not starve to death without them, I don't care what the commercial says), we decided to attempt to make our own food. Disneyland food, to be specific, since there's some damn yummy food to be had at the …

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Feb 20 2005

I want my baby back baby back baby back

Chili' back ribs (barbeque sauce). Even though we went to Chili's. Because they were out. of. ribs. They sold out. Of ribs. Which they might have told me when I ordered them (over the phone, we were getting take out). Instead, we arrived at Chili's, and I could not have ribs (because they were out …

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Nov 15 2004

More Kitchen Fun

Reuben insisted that if this is to be written about, I must be the one to write it. Because he doesn't write stuff like this. Um... k. So. On Friday we decided to be tremendous geeks, and attempt to make a foodproduct whose existence we became aware of by watching Babylon 5. In one of …

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