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Feb 03 2009


Updated the blog to WordPress 2.7. Nice features, like widgetized sidebar (not that that was built in to this ancient theme we use, but it was easy enough to modify it to enable widgets) and dashboard ui improvements. I don't know if the site works any better for you, the reader, but then again I'm …

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Jun 02 2008

Drives me crazy

I have eczema. It itches like mad right now. I am fighting with every ounce of self control I possess not to be furiously scratching at the backs of my hands. This sucks. Last night I woke myself up scratching my hand. Did I mention that eczema is extremely attractive? No? That's because it's not. …

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May 02 2008

Now that's just mean ("jason castro sucks")

Someone got here with the query "jason castro sucks" the other day. Now, I have a couple of questions. First of all, why use a search engine other than Google? You'll find much more relevant results about how much Jason Castro sucks using Google. I actually kind of root for him, in a weird way, …

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Apr 25 2008

Microsoft Word is not a good tool

...but it's a better tool than most people are capable of effectively using, apparently. I bet if I asked anyone in an administrative (aka "secretarial") position what his or, more likely, her proficiency level in Word was, he or she would doubtless say "expert." This despite the fact that I have just about never seen …

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Dec 29 2007

Post Mortem

It seems like I ought to write about Christmas, or someone should, and at the moment I'm doing it. The question, though, is what one ought to write--I could write about what I got, which is boring enough to anyone but me (although I highly recommend the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf fat-free no-sugar-added powder, …

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