Jun 02 2008

Drives me crazy

I have eczema. It itches like mad right now. I am fighting with every ounce of self control I possess not to be furiously scratching at the backs of my hands. This sucks. Last night I woke myself up scratching my hand. Did I mention that eczema is extremely attractive? No? That's because it's not. The skin on the back of my right hand is bumpy and gross, like an iguana (but not green). I could have sworn we had a picture of the iguana already uploaded, but apparently not, and I am nothing if not lazy.

It is not altogether astonishing that I should be so afflicted (and how's that for a fancy sentence?). My mom has eczema, psoriasis actually, and her mom had rheumatoid arthritis, which I'll probably have too, eventually. It just sucks and I feel the need to bitch about it as publicly as possible. But there are much much worse things that could happen to me; at least this isn't one of them. I just have to wait until the fabulous topical steroids do their magic and make the horrible itching stop. And stay out of the sun, which makes it itch worse.