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Sep 22 2009

"House" reigns for one night

From the opening notes of one of my favorite songs (eh, maybe my favorite song, period) to the closing shot of House calmly boarding a bus by himself, the House premiere was anything but the usual episodic fare. Instead, it was almost a feature-length film based on a character in a popular TV show, but …

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May 12 2009

I think my TV habits show my age

The fact that I've been feeling a general stunted mid-mid-life malaise is not helped by the fact that I now actually watch two CBS sitcoms, and truly find them funny. The Big Bang Theory somehow manages, despite all apparent signs, not to suck. The opening sequence is pretty great (the universe was in "a hot …

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May 09 2009

Stossel does it again (food irradiation)

Caught the John Stossel special last night. Although his segments about tiger farming and about letting risk-taking mountain climbers pay for their rescues were a little silly, the segments about food irradiation, old people perpetrating a Ponzi scheme through Medicare, and letting people use steroids if they want to were dead on. Especially on food …

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Feb 26 2009

Oh good, we decided to make Idol boring again

The problem with absolutism is that eventually you have a tyrant, and he ruins all the fun. Simon Cowell may know what works in the music business these days, but he is making sure that the actual show from which his success actually comes is a boring, interminable rehash. Cowell, whom apparently people listen to, …

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Feb 17 2009

Danny Gokey's dead wife is a sickening prop

Listen, the guy can sing, but Danny Gokey is really disgusting. Every interview he does he constantly mentions his late wife. What is the subtext of his singing "Hero"? He is a hero for having lived through his wife dying? For soldiering on and making a ton of dough because of his wife dying? Genuine …

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