May 12 2009

I think my TV habits show my age

The fact that I've been feeling a general stunted mid-mid-life malaise is not helped by the fact that I now actually watch two CBS sitcoms, and truly find them funny.

The Big Bang Theory somehow manages, despite all apparent signs, not to suck. The opening sequence is pretty great (the universe was in "a hot dense state". Tell me another prime time show that mentions the expansion of the universe in every episode), the physics on it is real (for the most part; I don't think magnetic monopoles has anything to do with string theory.), and the Penny-Leonard seems interesting enough to stick around for.

I also, for whatever reason, tend to catch How I Met Your Mother, which comes on right afterward. I have to admit, they had a joke on there the other day that made me laugh, involving a Venn diagram:


Well, it could be worse. I could be watching Two And a Half Men.