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Oct 24 2013

Surface Pro 2: first impressions


For several years all of my computing, note taking, and organization has happened through a few devices. Most of my mental computing work (actual writing, modeling, programming) happens on my laptop, a 3 year old Dell Core 2 Duo. My note taking, conceptual thinking, and written calculations happens on an iPad (3rd gen) with a …

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Mar 16 2009

3360 x 1050 bitches

My desktop takes up my whole desktop. Seriously.

Feb 03 2009


Updated the blog to WordPress 2.7. Nice features, like widgetized sidebar (not that that was built in to this ancient theme we use, but it was easy enough to modify it to enable widgets) and dashboard ui improvements. I don't know if the site works any better for you, the reader, but then again I'm …

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Apr 25 2008

Microsoft Word is not a good tool

...but it's a better tool than most people are capable of effectively using, apparently. I bet if I asked anyone in an administrative (aka "secretarial") position what his or, more likely, her proficiency level in Word was, he or she would doubtless say "expert." This despite the fact that I have just about never seen …

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Nov 06 2007

Something that annoyed me, and how to fix it

So, a few days ago I noticed this new, irksome thing was happening--when I typed an incomplete address into the address bar of my Mac's browsers (e.g. typing bedbathandbeyond rather than, instead of just going to the site, I would get to some weirdo Verizon search page. Grr. Annoying. The Windows machines on my …

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