Apr 25 2008

Microsoft Word is not a good tool

...but it's a better tool than most people are capable of effectively using, apparently. I bet if I asked anyone in an administrative (aka "secretarial") position what his or, more likely, her proficiency level in Word was, he or she would doubtless say "expert." This despite the fact that I have just about never seen anyone in that position create a Word document that uses all or, often, any of the features that would make life easier for the creator and the reader (and the web people who need to get these things posted). If I see one more "table of contents" generated by a human... Honestly. Word includes the ability to generate a TOC automatically, as if by magic, providing you have used headings and outline levels correctly. Switch to Outline View sometime; it will change your life. And stop typing with the caps lock key on! It's unnecessary and looks stupid. Link your links, and make sure they're linked correctly. Be smarter! Be better! Take a class!

End of harangue.