Apr 29 2008

Am I the next generation of Old Fart music fan?

Great songs vs decade

I maintain a long playlist of songs I think are great. The list is quite extensive (1293 tracks, at present) for someone that other people say is "picky" about music, and I think few people can say there are that many songs they really love.

But, I have an issue with this list. Recently, I updated the id3 tag info to include year of release, and upon doing a bit of analysis above, I realize that I'm a fucking cliche. All these old people that I make fun of for still being obsessed with the music they grew up with---I am them. Apparently.

A huge percentage of the stuff I like is from the 1990s. A good decade for music, yes, but has the current decade been THAT bad for music? Look at how many fewer songs I listen to from the past 8 years! Maybe I suffer from old-fart band disease. You know what I mean: you see them at malls, local festivals, bars---those bands of 4 or 5 old fuckers, usually at least 40 years old, playing Dylan and Dead tunes in their Hawaiian shirts and flip flops. People who pine for the days of Steely Dan and the Rolling Stones: when "music was great". I hate that shit. Not that all of that music is bad, but goddamn, a hell of a lot of creative people have been making music since then.

Perhaps the last decade really was bad for music. Perhaps, then again, it just takes me some time to find the good tunes, and so there's some latency in the curve. Maybe in another decade, the 2000s will be roughly as large as the 1990s on my graph. But I fear. I fear that one day I will join a Radiohead and Weezer tribute band. I fear that Nirvana and Counting Crows will forever dominate large sections of my mp3 player. I fear I have become what I hate.

Recently, the press was calling Rhianna's latest song the greatest song of the year. I listened to it; I didn't get it. It sounded like tuneless rubbish, devoid of any creativity and aesthetically repellent. Or is it just me? Is it happening to me already?

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  1. Jessica

    First of all, it's Rihanna. Second of all, yeah, she kinda sounds like a cat in heat, yowling to music. But maybe that's the appeal?

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