May 09 2009

Stossel does it again (food irradiation)

Caught the John Stossel special last night. Although his segments about tiger farming and about letting risk-taking mountain climbers pay for their rescues were a little silly, the segments about food irradiation, old people perpetrating a Ponzi scheme through Medicare, and letting people use steroids if they want to were dead on.

Especially on food irradiation, I could not possibly agree more. There is not a shred of evidence that food irradiation creates "bad compounds" as I saw idiot Lou Dobbs suggest, nor that it degrades the food's flavor. Irradiation would stop millions of debilitating infections every year, and it's easy and cheap to do. Omaha steaks are all irradiated; have we seen any class-actions against Omaha steaks? No.

A few weeks back Stossel had what I thought was an awfully misguided populist rant about deficit spending (which he doesn't believe in). I'm glad he's back drawing attention to really important subjects that people, for some reason, don't care about.