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Nov 06 2007

Something that annoyed me, and how to fix it

So, a few days ago I noticed this new, irksome thing was happening--when I typed an incomplete address into the address bar of my Mac's browsers (e.g. typing bedbathandbeyond rather than, instead of just going to the site, I would get to some weirdo Verizon search page. Grr. Annoying. The Windows machines on my …

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Jun 26 2007

I want to want you, iPhone

As everyone probably has been unable to avoid knowing, the iPhone launches this Friday. Normally, new Apple releases cause me to sit on my hands to avoid throwing money at Steve Jobs' head, but this one--eh. It's certainly spiffy, in some ways, and the data plan is $10 cheaper than one I pay now for …

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Nov 09 2006

How can it taste so bad?

I have a new car, about which I will post later, when I have some pictures (taken with the world's crappiest digital camera, as we have yet to replace the cameras that were stolen). So. Slimfast from a can. Dear God, it can be horrible. How can they call this flavor chocolate? How does adding …

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