Feb 28 2007

The most perfect cookie

You may think that your favorite Girl Scout Cookie is the Thin Mint, but I am here to tell you that you only think this because you have never tried the Lemonades--they're shortbread cookies dipped in lemon, and they are the most delicious cookie I've ever had. I could easily have eaten the whole box in one sitting--but Reuben had not yet experienced The Cookie, so I restrained myself, and only shared them with the few of my coworkers I actually like--which I now almost regret--I only bought one box. They're new this year and I didn't know if they were going to be any good--I certainly did not expect that they would be the most awesome cookie ever.

Next year I'm getting, like, ten. Seriously. If any of y'all see a girl scout selling cookies, pick up some of the Lemonades.