Sep 05 2007

What the hell is that sound?

3:25 AM: *bang* whooooooooooooooo

Jessica and me, in bed: What in the FUCK?

We sat up in bed, waiting a couple minutes while the wailing voice of a woman continues. Then two more loud *bang* noises. They sounded like they somebody was actually hitting the wall of our bedroom. Now we're pretty freaked out. I stand up and put pants on, in preparation to go outside and check it out.

Jessica: "You can't go out there. OMFG I'm calling the cops"

Jessica called the cops, telling them that she thought our neighbor was getting the hell beat out of her. Within 5 minutes the Sheriff's department was on site. They heard the voice, no doubt, as soon as they arrived. Then, I hear the deputies from IN our backyard. They knock on our patio door. I turn on the light and go outside to find...


At this point there were 3 deputies in my back yard shining a flashlight on this poor woman. One said to me, with his eyes wide: "Dude, she was in your yard..."

This isn't even funny. I watched her get up and fall down, roll around on the ground as one deputy waited and the EMTs brought in a gurney to take her away. It was really sad. The Sheriff said there was a note on her door that said "Take your meds." Did she remember to take them? What is that? Why did she have to come into our yard?


  1. Julianna

    That is very scary. Thank goodness you called the police. The scariest thing is she LIVES next door to you. I hope you get more information about what was going on.

    Glad you are well,

  2. Jessica

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