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Nov 01 2006

A new waste of time

Artistry comes in many forms. A human pours all his attention into a skill, honing his ability, harnessing his innate talent. He has to learn the field inside and out. This is the real pleasure in watching a sporting event: seeing someone really good at something you know is really hard. It makes it all …

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Sep 22 2006

Even-numbered Broken Swords suck

Unlike the apparent parity of sucky Star Trek movies, it appears that the even-numbered entries into the Broken Sword series suck. Just finished Broken Sword 4: The Angel of Death. I finished it today, even though it just came out, because it's only about 6 hours of gameplay. Broken Sword 3 did a good job …

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May 02 2006

Man,...I guess it is long

Apparently, the 'journey' in Dreamfall: The Longest Journey really is long, because they couldn't fit it all into the game. The ending is a cliffhanger, a la Empire Strikes Back (actually, for a couple reasons, very a la). The difference is that I had more interaction with The Empire Strikes Back. Seriously, you just say …

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Sep 26 2005

Fahrenheit: Fun experience, but is it a game?

The opening menu of Fahrenheit prompts the user to start a "new movie", rather than a new game. While this may strike someone as a prelude to the hackneyed techniques of Full Motion Video games, this notion should be resisted. By the time one has finished the introductory training sequence, he may feel differently. Once …

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Sep 02 2005

Consumer Protection

I hate Ubisoft. One would think that after investing hours of time in playing a video game, one would actually be able to complete it. Well, if one is talking about Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, one would be fucking wrong. Now, lest the dear reader think this is from lack of effort/talent/Actionreplay on my …

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