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Apr 25 2012

Viewed either of two ways, Mass Effect 3 is a confused mess


I have certainly been accused, in my life, of not liking science fiction very much. That's a partly fair assessment based on the fact that I don't think very much of the most famous sci-fi franchises. The cloying Star Trek mostly rings hollow to me because in my perception all its characters are merely types; …

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Aug 13 2011

L.A. Noire is good. Really good.

LA Noire Box Art

Judging whether Rockstar's latest, LA Noire is artistically successful hinges on two things. The first is whether it fits into the genre its purports. The second is whether it does so well. The answers are yes, and hell yes. Film noir wasn't so much a genre as it was a movement, spanning the 1940s and …

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Jul 28 2010

Rant: How did they fuck up the Silent Hill movie so bad?

My apologies to James Rolfe. Silent Hill is a good franchise, all said. The first two games are quite good, with the second being among many people's top 10 of all time (including my own. Actually, I would rank it number 2 or 3). Now, I'm not a fanboy; I really didn't expect the movie …

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Feb 27 2009

House of the Dead: Overkill is a triumph

It's interesting to be around for the birth of a new artistic medium. What is ugly nonsense to those older folks who did not grow up with it is wondrous and relevant to those who did. Film developed in much the same way. First monopolized by its inventor, Edison made the first films as uninspired …

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Jan 31 2007

Wii is great, but PS3 is still going to win

It took me 6 phone calls, but I did get a Wii on December 26th, at a Circuit City near my house. By the time I got there, almost all of their units had gone. According to the employee, as soon as someone finds out they have the Wiis, people call their friends and the …

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