May 02 2005

Sheep Crossing

This morning, on my way to work, I noticed that the 60/215 East/South was uncharacteristically slow, even in comparison to the usually crawling West/North direction (which was actually moving along). Turns out it's because there were some sheep on the road, which caused problems not only for people who must avoid hitting the sheep, but also for people who insisted on looking at the sheep, further slowing traffic.

Below, SigAlert's summary of the incident (note that it takes over an hour and a half to even start to deal with sheep. Just think if it had been tigers.

    215 South Past Oleander Av Traffic Hazard - Animal 7:29 AM

  • Sheep Getting on Freeway 7:29 AM
  • Also the South Oleaner Off Ramp 7:34 AM
  • 42 M with Sheep in the Center Divider / 1 100 Pound Sheep // Contact Animal Control 7:39 AM
  • Message/Item Delivered Animal Control 7:41 AM
  • In the #1-#2 Lane and All Over the Rdway // Rolling Break 7:41 AM
  • CHP Unit on Scene 7:43 AM
  • Message/Item Delivered Animal Control with Updates 7:48 AM
  • Sheep is Tied Up with Help from Citz // South 215 Just South of Oleander // on the R/shoulder and Lying Down 7:48 AM
  • Telephone Animal Control for ETA // They Will Recall 8:01 AM
  • Second Sheep is not with a Person 8:24 AM
  • Per Another Reporting Party, There is Another Live Sheep South of Ofcr with Tied Sheep 8:24 AM
  • Animal Control Advise ETA 30 Min 8:28 AM
  • CHP Unit Enroute 8:29 AM
  • Animal Control is 97 // Loaded Up the First Sheep // 97 now With 2nd Sheep // South Just North of Rex on R/shoulder 8:55 AM
  • Animal Control is Retreiving the Sheep Herder to Assist Capturing the Sheep 8:56 AM
  • Per 42 M // 2nd Sheep is Standing at the Fence