Apr 22 2005

LPP 25


Ok, so this isn't really something most people say, but it is something those idiot American Idol judges say all the time. The thing is, pitchy is a word, it just doesn't mean anything close to what they're using it for.

According to Dictionary.com, pitchy means

  1. Full of or covered with pitch.
  2. Resembling pitch in consistency.
  3. Extremely dark; black.

Teehee. They're being racist, associating bad performances with blackness, and usually inaccurate--only Vonzell Solomon is particularly dark-skinned, but she is rarely described as pitchy.

Of course, with the absurd success of American Idol, the new definition of pitchy may enter the dictionaries--but I sincerely hope not, as usages coined by nitwits should be ridiculed, not adopted.