Mar 21 2005

LPP 24


It really sounds weird and wrong when someone uses the word "anymore" with a positive, e.g. "I always go to the Albertson's on Ironwood anymore." This is because that is simply not what that word is supposed to do--"anymore" means something used to be the case, but now isn't. Anymore is meant to be used with a negative, e.g. "I don't go to the Albertson's on Perris anymore, because it sucks; not that the one on Ironwood doesn't suck, it just sucks less." Note the not.

Although "anymore" may show up in a thesaurus as a synonym for "now," like many thesaurus synonyms, the words are not interchangeable. It works the other way--you may use "now" anywhere you might want to use "anymore," but you may not start substituting "anymore" when you mean "at this time." Oh, it doesn't work with "only," either, since only implies that you do the thing of which you speak. "Anymore" is only to be used with things that you no longer do (or think, or whatever).

Unfortunately, I can't think of a good alternative for the incorrect usage of "anymore," except maybe "these days" or something like that. But still! That's no excuse!


  1. Julianna

    I need this lesson!

    I'll try to practice it.

    I never used "moot" like I promised.

    I don't have moot points anymore not that it matters.

    How was that!???

    I hope you are well!

    Thank you again for all of your help with my new blog.

  2. Lance

    Who uses "anymore" like that (to mean "nowadays")? I've never heard it. Is that usage a regional thing? (I'm from Texas.) But it doesn't make sense to me to say "always" together with "these days" or "nowadays" anyway.

  3. Jessica

    Not too many people, fortunately, use anymore like that, but it really grates on me when someone does. I don't think it's regional, as I've heard it from East and West coast people. I suppose leaving out the "anymore" or any alternatives to "anymore" would still make sense, or maybe just use "now." "Now" sounds pretty good, yes? "I always go to Target now, because I hate WalMart with a burning passion."

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