Mar 14 2005

Kids today

Back in my day, kids didn't have cell phones. Ok, so just about no one else did either, but still. Nowadays they're making a cell phone basically just for kids (see here) that only dials a pre-defined list of phone numbers.

Um. Back in my day, if, say, a kid needed to call his mom while at school, he'd go to the office and have the secretaries call, or have some other trusted adult (and there were, somehow, always some of those around in my day) call. When I was a kid there were only a few places I could be: home, school, or a school activity, and in none of those cases would I ever need a cellphone to call my mom if I needed to. So where are kids today that they need cell phones?

I guess this product is better than getting your eleven year old a full-fledged cell phone and plan, but geez. I thought I was awesome when I got my first gameboy. Somehow there's something really disturbing to me about younger and younger children having more and more sophisticated technology at their disposal, although I can't really say why. Maybe something about the entitlement culture, or a stifling of imagination, or, I dunno, I'm sure I could think of some BS reason. But really, I just don't think kids should have cell phones, and I thought it was dumb when kids had pagers. I guess if the parents can afford it, I can't think of a good reason not to get the kid a mini-cell phone, except that it's dumb. And I can't even say why it's dumb. Someone else, please, come up with a reason for me.

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  1. Reuben

    One good reason to hate it is that it reminds you that you're oldy-old-old-old.

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