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Oct 17 2013

Virtual reality is finally coming next year


Virtual Reality has been a joke for years. For all the derision heaped on nonexistent flying cars, jetpacks, and cures for cancer, no seemingly straightforward bit of technology has been vaporware for so long. 1992's film The Lawnmower Man enticed us with the idea of entering a fictional world, a facsimile of Star Trek's Holodeck, …

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Oct 03 2013

Jeopardy contestants don't know good game theory

Two things demonstrate to me that Jeopardy contestants don't understand rudimentary game theory. Case 1: In many cases you have a score where one person is way ahead, and the other two trail by an amount so that it's a "run-away", meaning that even if the second place contestant bet the maximum amount in final …

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Aug 21 2013

Let's Play Mass Effect - Episode 1

Jessica and I embark on a journey to snark all over a great video game. Part1: Part 2:

Jul 26 2013

Hollywood's box office debacle this summer is not hard to understand


Via Slashdot: In the weeks since Spielberg’s prediction, six wannabe blockbusters have cratered at the North American box office: “R.I.P.D.,” “Turbo,” “After Earth,” “White House Down,” “Pacific Rim,” and “The Lone Ranger.” These films featured big stars, bigger explosions, and top-notch special effects—exactly the sort of summer spectacle that ordinarily assures a solid run at …

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Jul 10 2013

Netflix streaming still a crap deal compared to disc plan

Zap2It is out with a press release that Netflix streaming will now be expanding its vast collection to include ... a major network show that's been running for almost 9 years. Netflix, Inc. today announced an extension of its multiyear licensing agreement for select CBS library content streamed instantly to Netflix customers. Under the revised …

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