May 07 2008


Today my African Violet gave up the ghost. I wasn't altogether surprised, as it had been ailing for awhile, but I didn't exactly expect it to sort of just fall apart when I was poking at it this morning, attempting to remove dead leaves. Instead of dead leaves I kinda pulled the whole top off, leaving a sad little stump in the flower pot. And a pink plastic flamingo.

I had never had very good luck with that violet; it was some kind of fancy hybrid, and less agreeable than the drugstore variety I had owned previously. It never did like to flower, and when it did the flowers tended to be disappointing. All the same I'm going to try to root one of its leaves; many or maybe most African Violets can be propagated that way, and hopefully this is one of them. If not, I guess I'll have to go to Rite Aid and get an ordinary violet that I can't kill.

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