Oct 04 2005

And this is the part where I slam my head against the wall

But my wall is made of cubicle, so it's primarily a symbolic gesture--anyway--

So, at my place of employ, lately I've been tapped to do a little writing. The problem is that my writing is passed through another person's hands, where it gets butchered and stupid-ified, with the grammar and syntax mangled to the point that what was clear and concise becomes confusing and unreadable. It actually makes me ill to read some of the sentences that were written to replace mine. Commas that have wandered off to completely inappropriate places, run-on sentences, unclear meaning--It's just so awful. And they won't let me fix it! On more than one occasion I've submitted comments about the more glaring errors, yet they remain. Which leads me to believe that either no one is reading my notes, or, what is worse, they are being deliberately disregarded.

Oh how I hope and pray that my department gets lambasted for the horrible writing, at which point I will, in my head, stand up and yell I TOLD YOU SO. In real life I'll sit down and shut up, real life being what it is, but my satisfaction will be great.

But if the document in question goes public looking the way it is--I'll simply have to deny any involvement. It's that bad, people.