Mar 09 2005

LPP 22

"Mute" points

More nonsense. The word is moot. Not mute. Think about it---what could a mute point possibly be? How many leaps of logic does it take to rationalize a mute point? Answer: lots. And that's never a good thing. Plus moot is more fun to say. Moot moot moot.

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  1. Julianna

    moot, moot, moot..........I am going to use that word the next time I blog (which could be
    FOREVER because blogspot sucks so bad). Sucks so bad ....... hmmmmmmm ..... sucks terribly?
    sucks the big whatoozee........ sucks big fat donkey balls......yes, that is better.....
    blogspot sucks big fat donkey balls.

    Are you completely ashamed of me? Have I learned nothing from you?

    I hope you and Reuben are well.

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