Nov 14 2004

Hey, Pudding!

Ohhhhkaaay, for those of you (me and Reuben) who have been doubting that I have any kitchen ability whatsoever, because I burn things and leave out the salt and, um, other stuff, well, I made rice pudding! From rice and milk (ok half-n-half) and stuff. My very first non-Jello-Instant pudding. I didn't take a picture, though, and it's all gone now except what clings to the bottom of the pot, but hey, I'm pretty proud of myself.

It was yummy. And, ok, there were a few burnt grains because I didn't stir enough in Stage 2 (of 3 total stages), but they didn't affect the taste at all, unlike other times I've burned things when it totally ruined whatever it was. Reuben ate it and didn't bitch, and (whether or not I had staked my ego on this, which of course I had) if it were yucky, he would have. Nor did he make faces. And I thought it was damn yummy. And ate too much of it. So, readers, if you ever come to this house, I can make you rice pudding. Or waffles, I can also make good waffles. Ooh or rice pudding *and* waffles. So there...ok, no one actually cares whether I can cook things, but, whatever.